Parallel Sessions

Parallel Sessions: Day 2 – Thursday 8th, 1100-1300

Venue: Elgon D

Sub-Themes 1, 5, 7

Maxine Cooper (University of Ballarat, Ballarat, Australia), Simone White (Deakin University), Graeme Lock (Edith Cowan University), Jo-Anne Reid, Bill Green, Wendy Hastings (Charles Sturt University, Australia)

The Role of Teacher Education in Education for All

Dr. Walter S. Polka, Jerold I. Wolfgang, Friends University, Wichita, Kansas

Technology Integration or Technology Frustration?

Prof. Letha Ram Mohan Niagara University, New York

Effectively Motivating Students by Addressing the Organizational, Social, and Personal "High-Touch" Needs as well as the "High-Tech" Interests of Contemporary Digital Learners

Dr. Lucy Kithome, USAID Kenya; Mr. John Temba, MOE; Charles Juma, FHI360

Incorporating ICT In Teaching And Learning: A Case Of Accelerating 21st Century Education (ACE) Project In Kenya

Venue - Elgon B

Sub-themes 2, 6

Richard Gibson, Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya

Partnership with Student Leaders in Leadership Through Democratic Elections in Secondary Schools in Kenya, Is It A Mirage?

Dr. Wambui Gathenya, USAID Kenya, Jeniffer Wasianga, USAID Kenya; Mr. Charles Kanja, MOE; Seth Ong'uti, FHI360

The Role of Partnerships in Teacher Education: Improving Quality of Teacher Preparation and Practice

Rev. Dr. Medard Rugyendo

Kenyan Quaker Secondary Schools Peace Curriculum Project: Development and Strategies Implementation

Keri Spernes

I Buy Paraffin So He Can Read in the Evening

Venue - Tent

Sub-themes 3, 4

Professor Eloise Hockett, University of Ballarat, Ballarat, Australia

Attracting and Retaining New Teachers in 'Rural Social Space': Space, Place, Leadership, Mentoring and Teacher Education

Allen Rugambwa, Mathew Thomas (University of Minnesota and adjunct professor at Hamline University)

School-Based Training: The Cost-Effective Model of In-Service Training in Tanzania

David Mwenje Mureithi

Using Reflective Practice for Effective Professional Development at a College in Kenya

Simon Peter, University of Dar es Salaam Tanzania, East Africa

Mentoring: Missing Ingredient in Teachers Preparation? Perspectives from Tanzania

Dr. Wambui Gathenya, USAID Kenya; Mrs. Margaret Thiong'o, MOE; Jane Thung'u, Thogotho TTC; Emily Masinjila, FHI360

A Competency Framework For Teachers In Kenya: Working Towards New Standards for A New Era

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