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Hotel Details

Safari Park Hotel and Casino

Kasarani off Thika Road

Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: 254 (0) 20 363330001 8562222




1. All accommodation bookings will be made and paid directly by individuals
attending the conference.

2. Safari Park Hotel shall hold the 50 rooms requested on a tentative
reservation until 5th October, 2012. After this date, all unreserved rooms
shall be released and any booking made by WFATE delegates will be subject to

3. Reservations can be made writing to our reservations officer Margaret
Kariuki on and copy me on .
All delegates should Identify themselves as attending WFATE to enjoy the
negotiated rates.

4. Reservations are only considered confirmed bookings after 75% deposit is
made. Once we receive an email requesting the dates to be booked, we shall
send you a secure link (nightsbridge) to make payments.

1. The conference package 100pax
2. Conference dates are 7th - 9th November, 2012 with two days full day
conference on 8th - 9th Nov, 2012. On 7th Nov, there will be a cocktail
starting at 5pm where there will be presentations.
3. The first 10% deposit due will be based on the cocktail and conferencing
Considering the conference only the deposit would be 10% ( $45 x 100people x
2 days) = $900


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