April 2, 2012 – April 3, 2012

Mobile money is an emerging area of research, AMMREC expects to build a Conference Community that will ensure an exciting and high quality networking environment, providing an opportunity for scholars and practitioners to share knowledge and experience with potential research or practitioner partners. By mobile money weinclude mobile money transfer, mobile banking, agency banking, other financial services through a mobile platform.

AMMREC is a multidisciplinary mobile money research initiative focusing on innovation, adoption and impact. AMMREC is part of the execution of the research strategy of the Multi-Disciplinary Centre of Excellence in Computing for Societal Development (MCCSD), a centre of excellence associated with the School of Computing and Informatics at the University of Nairobi. MCCSD carries out research in collaboration with internal and external partners.

The vision of AMMREC is to be a global authority in MM research by:

  • Conducting research on relevant areas of MM and building a body of MM research knowledge
  • Supporting development and piloting of MM applications through our students body
  •  Developing capacity in MM research
  • Sharing MM research knowledge generated with researchers, practitioners and policy makers


Objectives of the conference

  • To review progress made in MM and consider opportunities, trends, and growth strategies relevant for this important sector of the industry.
  • To show case innovations in MM beyond money transfers, particularly from the region
  • To highlight the value of research in extending the MM ecosystem
  • To develop networks that can spur growth of MM ecosystem Venue of the conference Kenyatta International Conference Centre has been proposed. It’s central and able to support multiple meetings and exhibitions.


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