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Cloud Computing: The Next Generation Computing Model to Accelerate Innovation in Kenya
Nosa F. Evbuoman, Tonny Omwansa

Last modified: 2017-12-04


The need for innovation is becoming more imperative today for Africa and Kenyaas a nation. Countries in Africa have been unable to compete in the global marketdue to lack of innovation in various industry sectors. A major area of Innovation isin information technology, engineering and technology. The business world globallyis witnessing rapid developments in information technology that is significantlychanging the way business is being done. One such technology is Cloud Computing.This paper focuses on the Cloud Computing technology and seeks to enunciate it as apotential and significant platform that can drive and accelerate innovation in Kenyawithin various industry sectors. The paper reviews the Cloud computing technologyand current impact on global innovation, discusses the need for innovation in Kenyaand readiness for the adoption of the technology. The paper concludes with CloudComputing utilization strategies as well as innovation opportunities within Kenya.

Relevance to innovation. This paper addresses the innovative computing technologyof Cloud Computing. As a pervasive technology that is presently changingbusiness processes and businesses, Cloud computing is described in general andposited as an innovative technology necessary for adoption in Kenya and the Africancontinent as a whole. The paper shows Cloud computing as a world class technologywith the potential to change the whole discipline of computing and software engineeringas we know it. Adopting Cloud computing in Kenya across various industrysectors is considered a major innovative strategy for educating a new workforce,creating economic growth and rapid product and service development.

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