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SMS Enhanced Justice: Towards Efficiency and Convenience in Court Cases
Mathew Egessa, Regina Cherotich

Last modified: 2017-12-04


We seek to bring convenience and efficiency in the process of accessing justicethrough the courts of law. A lot of time and money is wasted when litigants travellong distances to visit court registries, in order to know the status of their cases. Itis also very inconveniencing and frustrating for litigants when they travel for long,only to find that the judicial officer handling their case had given notice that therewill not be any sitting on a particular date. In this project, we are developing anintegrated solution to these challenges, dubbed FAMALIA. It is a web and SMSbasedapplication that electronically manages the court cases by the Kenyan Judiciary.Litigants and interested parties can access the system via SMS. So far, details ofover 28,000 cases have been entered into the system. It is expected that the systemwill greatly improve access to justice.

Relevance to innovation. Famalia is an innovative service within the judicialprocess in Kenya. It provides a new way of accessing case related information in aconvenient, efficient and timely manner. It is a premier solution not only in Kenyabut also in the region. By using SMS, Famalia provides social impact by beingaccessible to even the marginalized people who may not access the courts easily. It isaccessible to anyone who can access a phone. With the judicial process being similarall over the country and in neighbouring countries, the solution is replicable and haspotential for scaling.

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