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Evaluation of Common Bean Production Systems and Fertilizer use in Nandi South
Oliver Okumu, J. Muthoni, R. Narla, J. Nderitu, J. Lauren, J. Ojiem

Last modified: 2017-12-04


High fertilizer cost and increased concern for ecological sustainability have ledto improved interest on green manure and organic fertilizer. The study evaluatedcommon bean production systems and organic fertilizer use by farmers in NandiSouth. A semi structured questionnaire was administered to individual farmers inthe form of interviews and the data was analyzed through descriptive statistics,frequency counts and percentages. Results showed that majority of the farmerswere women with a mean age of 51.6 years. Many farmers 59% cultivated improvedbean varieties sourced from their own farms and applied fertilizers albeit differentquantities. The results further indicated that 67% of farmers in Koibem and 57% inKapkerer applied green manure as a soil amendment. Addition of green manure tosoils helps in improving soil conditions and increasing crop yields in low soil fertilityareas. Green manure use as soil amendments is an ecologically sustainable way ofincreasing yield.

Relevance to innovation. Many modern agricultural practices have unintendednegative consequences and therefore there is growing concern about sustainable andbetter agricultural systems. It is therefore time to assess the importance and futurerole that soil improving legumes may play in agricultural system. Application of lablablegume species as green manure is an important practice for sustainable agricultureproduction as the crops fix nitrogen and has deep and extensive root system thatallows for nutrients extraction and recycling. Green manure has favourable N to Pratios and has predictable N activity hence its application will increase yield.

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