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Collaborating for Collective Value: a Mentoring Perspective
Mikko Koria, Riina Subra

Last modified: 2017-12-04


Innovation today is seen to be driven by the cooperation between individualsin innovation ecosystems, but significant inertia, sub-optimal structures and understandingof how and why collaboration is practiced in many cases blocks innovation.In this conceptual and exploratory paper we argue that achieving high value addedinnovation requires mentored transitions through which low value market pricingrelational models are replaced by communal sharing ones that enable high joint valuecreation. Through relational models and stakeholder theory and three illustrativecase studies, we propose that design thinking methods can support these mentoredtransitions through the development of individual and social capabilities, enablingintegrating, translating and expanding roles in the mentoring process. The papercontributes to the knowledge and application of relational models in innovationecosystems through the mentoring perspective and the application of design thinkingin developing high value added innovations.

Relevance to innovation. The paper contributes to creating high value added innovationthrough the knowledge and application of relational models and stakeholdertheory in innovation ecosystems. The mentoring perspective is a valuable conceptualaddition to emerging innovation management practices. The application of designthinking in this context contributes not only to the methodological toolkit needed tocreate high value added innovations, but also the development of skills and roles forthe 21st century mindset.

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