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Creating Novel Approaches to Developing Tacit Knowledge and Skills in Innovation Management
Kerri Jones, Anna Trifilova, Allen Alexander, John Bessant

Last modified: 2017-12-04


This paper describes the TACIT4 (Teaching and Coaching Innovation Innovatively)project, a 3-year European Union Knowledge Alliance (2016-2018) projectunder the Erasmus+ programme. The project combines the efforts of business anduniversity educators to create new learner-centred teaching methods, opens up newlearning opportunities, and develops the practical application of entrepreneurialskills. The outputs will be innovative teaching modules which could be embeddedin the existing curricula of higher-education institutions and in corporate trainingprograms. The project is designed to develop and test mechanisms than can beused to build tacit knowledge in individuals around innovation and entrepreneurship.The focus is not on developing a new core curriculum, but rather on taking theimportant elements of existing curricula and focusing on exploring more effectivedelivery mechanisms. As people’s culture of learning is largely coined through theeducational institutions, the project follows a threefold approach; research, teaching,and practice.

Relevance to innovation. Harnessing known knowledge about how to stimulate,teach and manage innovation requires innovation in itself. The TACIT programme(Teaching and Coaching Innovation innovaTively) will, following a research anddevelopment phase in six real organisations and three academic departments, createan innovative package of ways to teach & coach innovation; tools that others will beable to adopt. Co-production with public and private sector organizations createsa novel scenario. Incidental to the TACIT project, the UK government hospitalinvolved works with Kenyan hospitals to try and leverage improvements in healthcare,creating another exciting opportunity to test the project’s output.

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