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Integration of the Open Government Data platform into Existing Content Management Systems in Kenya
Dorothy Bundi, Amos Kirongo

Last modified: 2017-12-01


Open Government Data (OGD) avails statistical, development, expenditureand demographic data, in digital format for the general public, ICT developers,researchers and policy makers. This evaluation is based on analysis of qualitativeand quantitative metadata and data sets in Open Data portals. The OGD platformintegration to Content Management Systems, targeted internal and external users ofOpen Data portals in Kenya. The implementation of the OGD platform is facing anumber of challenges resulting from the government ministries and county governmentsreluctance in releasing secretive information. To realize the benefits of OGDwhich includes transparency, public service improvement, innovation and economicvalue, efficiency, self-empowerment, impact measurement of policies, participatorygovernance, and data mining new knowledge from combined data sources and patternsfrom large datasets; the government needs to integrate OGDs in CMS. Thispaper analyses theoretical and empirical open data sets and proposes an integrationframework of OGD to CMS.

Relevance to innovation. This paper analyses theoretical and empirical opendata sets and proposes recommendations for future integration framework of OpenGovernment Data strategies and Platforms as part of Content Management Systems.The paper outlines the benefits of OGD integration initiatives to CMS in Kenya. The innovation compliments government processes by introducing citizen-centered portalsto enable government to design and distribute open data allowing interactions andseamless responses from the public. OGD is currently in use and can be scaled downto County Governments Open Data portals.

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